Detachment of vitreous body

20 April 2016 | Vitreoretinal diseases | Цитата

Сorpus vitreum is a gel transparent substance, filling eye cavity and occupying the 2/3 of the volume. The vitreous body has a 99% water consistency tied with molecules of hyaluronic acidity. Skeleton of vitreous body forms delicate net connecting different forms of fibers of protein collagen.

Spaces between fibers are filled with the liquid. Such a structure of vitreous body gives it a character of mucous mass. In the vitreous body, cells- hyalocyteс are present, mainly placed on its edges. These cells take part in the secretion of hyaluronic acidity, collagen and solluble protein of vitreous body.

The function of vitreous : gives a shape to the eye, supplies turgor and incoercibility contacting with the retina membrane, pressing it to the vascular membrane , takes part in making the flow of intraocular fluid.

The detachment of vitreous body (DVB) or the rear detachment of vitreous body (RDVB) can appear at any age, although it often happens with the elderly people. The provocative factor of detachment of vitreous body is the disease linked to the wrong metabolic process in the inner eye, intraocular inflammatory disease, processes of aging, as well as myopia. During myopia, this appears 10 years earlier, rather than with far sighted (hyperopes) people and people with the normal eyesight (emmetropia). The rear detachment of vitreous body can be full or partial. The most danger for the eye is the partial Detachment of vitreous body when the main part of the vitreous moves from the retina and the vitreous remains fastened with the retina in the local single sites. Excess pressure due to the draught of vitreous mass can lead to the retina rupture at the point of attachment to the vitreous fiber and later to the traction retina rupture. In this way, the vitreous rupture in some cases is estimated as pre-detachment state of retina. Factors that can speed or provoke the retinal rupture during the Detachment of vitreous body, include tremors of exfoliated vitreous body inside the eye due to the strokes, performance of professional activities linked to the body trauma as well as the visual training during the myopia.

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