08 June 2016 | Pediatric diseases | Цитата

Ophthalmological center after S. V. Malayan has great experience in the process of surgery for both acquired and congenital ptosis.

Ptosis is a drooping or falling of the upper eyelid which is considered to be a cosmetic problem and can bring to the limitation of vision function. Congenital ptosis is quite a common pathology in recent years. It is more commonplace to find congenital ptosis on only one side. Surgery is the only effective treatment for ptosis.

Like in many countries all over the world, there are 2 surgical methods used to correct ptosis in our Center: 1. by tightening the levator muscle. The function of the levator muscle is to raise the eyelid (if the eyelid levator muscle partially functions) 2. by raising the eyelid through silicone rod sling (if the eyelid levator muscle cannot function at all).

In the past years various operations were performed to correct ptosis enabling the forehead muscles to elevate the eyelid. But sometimes there were some complications when the rods were not appropriate.

Ophthalmological center after S. V. Malayan is one and only in Armenia where sophisticated operations have been made at various stages to correct ptosis through silicone rod slings which are considered to be the best technique in the world.

The main complication of congenital ptosis is amblyopia (decreased vision) which is caused by poor focusing of light through the lens in the eye. If the infant is found at risk for amblyopia, the operation for correcting ptosis is possible to be performed at 8 months of age, in other cases the best time for correction is preschool age.

If the results of correcting ptosis were not completely successful before, now the treatment surely gives pleasing results as by using silicone rod slings it is more precise to measure the posture of eyelid and prevent lagophthalmos (hareʾs eye) which is defined as a condition when oneʾs eyelids cannot close even if the patient is sleeping.


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