Conference «Melanoma day» in Yerevan, Armenia, 2016.

13 June 2016 | Plastic surgery, NEWS | Цитата

The head of oculoplastic department of Ophthalmological center after S.V. Malayan Gharakeshishyan Armine has presented unique report «Eyelids melanoma excisional biopsy and lid reconstruction». During the presentation there were described clinical cases with eyelid melanoma, who had an operation at the oculoplastic department in Ophthalmological center after S.V.Malayan.

Discussion was about new methods of treatment and prevention of melanoma. There were presented 70-100% eyelid defects margin reconstruction after melanoma excision biopsy. Ophthalmologic Center after S.V. Malayan is the only clinic in the region where these large operations can be performed.

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