Only at the Ophthalmological center after S.V. Malayan.
At the department of “Oculoplasty and Neuro-ophthalmology”.

23 December 2016 | Plastic surgery | Цитата

Eyelid malignant tumors are one of the most common disorders from all eyelid diseases and diagnosed in Armenia very often. It is proved, that eyelid malignant tumors are caused by ultra-violet sun damage. Because of that reason, a lot of young people in Armenia have that disorder.

The treatment of eyelid malignant tumors is excision biopsy with eyelid defect reconstruction. The removal of large tumors causes big defects of eyelid margins and even with total removal of the eyelid. That needs special microsurgical technique to reconstruct total lid defects. Only at S.V. Malayan eye center excisional biopsy of malignant eyelid tumors is performed with 100% eyelid defect reconstruction.

There are presented preoperative and postoperative clinical photos.

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